Top Aspects That Effect Value From a Chicago, illinois Actual Property Appraiser

Location or Neighborhood

In Chicago, illinois, the community the property can be found in can have a extreme impact value. The vicinity of your real estate to public transit (CTA or Metra stations) as well as dining places, shopping, food markets, high quality educational institutions, recreational areas, etc all impact value. On the other hand, having an area with environmental disturbance can have an negative change the value of your real estate (directly across from train paths, on a active road, next to a service place, etc.)

Gross Living Area (GLA)

GLA is described as all liveable space that is 100% above quality. The quantity of value per sq. ft. is identified on a situation by situation basis based upon on many factors.

Condition or Efficient age

The effective age of the house is identified by the quantity of upgrading or overall situation. For example a house built in 1955 could have a 10 year effective age if the house lately had a lot of remodeling finished. Keep in mind that just because you spend $25,000 on a new kitchen that does not really increase your house’s value by exactly that quantity.

Quality of Construction

This represents the materials used to build the house and the overall high high quality of completes on both the indoor and outdoor. For example, an all stone house in comparison to a house with metal house siding or stucco, marble counter tops in comparison to hardwood floors surfaces counter tops, hardwood floors surfaces in comparison to carpet, strong primary 6-panel internal gates in comparison to empty primary lcd gates, etc.

Lot size

A bigger lot can add important value. This is especially true when looking at possible “tear downs” in Chicago, illinois because the dimensions of the new development house is generally restricted by the zoning division to a portion of the dimensions of the lot. A 30′ x 125′ lot in comparison to a 25′ x 125′ lot can have a lot higher value in areas where there is a requirement for buildable lots like Lincoln subsequently Recreation area, Old Town, Silver Shore, etc. As you get further out on the north western part and there is not as much requirement for new development, a bigger lot could mean room for a part drive way.

Bed and shower count

Generally speaking, more is better. However, in many communities there is no apparent improvement in value between a 4 bed room and 5 bed room house. The law of reducing profits generally will apply. For example, the improvement in value between including a full shower to a 1 shower house is generally greater than including a 4th shower to a 3 shower house.


This can be best confirmed by apartments in Chicago, illinois high-rise structures. Two models that sold at the same time, with the same floor-plan, situated on the same ground, but with different exposures will likely have different principles. The one that encounters western and only has a city perspective vs. the other unit that encounters eastern and has a perspective of Pond Mich can have as much as a 10-15% improvement in value.

Additional features

These are things like fire places, backyards, verandas, backyards, car ports, landscape designs, structure (open floor-plan vs. closed/boxy layout), etc. While they generally have less of a positive change, in certain conditions, they can have a large impact on real estate value.